Our main concern is the ongoing treatment of your teeth.

What is an abscessed tooth and how do you know if you have one?
An abscess in your tooth is caused by an infection resulting in pain and a pus-filled area around your tooth that needs immediate attention. The infection, if it’s not treated could spread to other teeth and possibly spread to your facial bones. An abscess can occur because of tooth decay or perhaps a cracked tooth. The infection will start inside the tooth’s inner chamber (pulp chamber). The pulp chamber contains blood vessels and nerves (pulp). Bacteria invade your pulp chamber and multiply. Your tooth’s nerves will die and lose the ability to fight off infection.

Call us immediately if you suspect you have an abscessed tooth…..it can spread quickly.

Rinsing your mouth with salty warm water is sooth and may help to wash away some of the bacteria. The pain is caused by inflammation of the pulp. Take some pain relief. How do we know for sure if you have an abscessed tooth? We will x-ray your tooth and the surrounding area inside your mouth. You will have other symptoms as well, such as pain and swelling of the tooth.

Before we treat your tooth, we need to treat the infection. We will prescribe you with anti-biotics and then drain the tooth and surrounding area of the infection (pus). You will either require a root canal (if the tooth can be saved), or we will need to extract your toothCall us immediately before the infection gets worse. Phone (03) 6229 2989.

Watch this video for a visual description: